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Maastricht. It's not for nothing that it's popular for shopping day trips!

Shopping in Maastricht - an overview of shops
Maastricht is immensely popular among shoppers for 2 reasons. One being the broad range of shops spread across the numerous shopping streets in the city centre.

Surrounded by 1450 protected monuments you walk from the Maastricht Central Station towards the centre. Accompanied by many tourists from Belgium, Germany and France you'll soon be immersed by the shopping experience that is Maastricht.

Even before crossing the river over the river Maas, the antique stores and exclusive stores greet you from the inviting Rechtstraat.

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Once you've passed the St. Servatius Bridge over the river Maas you literally walk into the shopping heart of Maastricht on the Maastrichter Brugstraat.

Brand stores Maastrichter Brugstraat

Tie Rack

At the end of this street you can go either right in the Kleine straat that runs all the way towards the Market Square or left in the direction of the Kersenmarkt (Cherry Market). Both are really worth the visit if your aim is endless shopping.

For the more exclusive stores the previously mentioned Rechtstraat and the Stokstraat are well suited. And living up to the award of 'Best city of the Netherlands (2005)' you can have a seat at one of the many terraces that can be found at almost every street corner.

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