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Wat te doen in Amsterdam
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What to do in Amsterdam

There is plenty to do in Amsterdam and its vicinity. On the one hand it´s impressively modern city, on the other hand you can still see the remainders of the 17th century trade city, with the canals, classic buildings and the well know Red Light District.

Let yourself be surprised by stepping beyond the shopping streets during your trip to Amsterdam. Explore the bridges of which there are more than a thousand, the almost 60 miles of canals, impressive parks and the many museums. Each worth spending more than a day exploring during your trip.

And while you're deciding "what to do", consider the vicinity of the city. Like Haarlem, the capital of the province, and within a 15 minute drive by train.

What to do in Amsterdam – City centre

Amsterdam city centre
The Amsterdam city centre is a melting pot of architecture, entertainment, history and art. A daytrip into town, a weekend of exploring, actually you hardly even have to go beyond the limits of the city centre. There's a lot to do.

Whether you prefer the shopping streets, the many squares or to take a guided tour through the Red Light District ('de Wallen' in Dutch, referring to the embankments that were used to create the area) you'll enjoy Amsterdam.
That it's worth a visit becomes evident from the millions of visitors the Dutch capital gets each year. Both foreign and Dutch.

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What to do in Amsterdam – Squares

The Dutch word for square is plein. Hence Leidseplein, Rembrandtplein and Max Euweplein stand for Leidse Square, Rembrandt Square and Max Euwe Square. Each of these are populare areas for the visitors on a shopping trip but also in the nighttime they are popular spots to start clubbing. Other noteworthy squares are the Dam Square (plain Dam in Dutch) and Spui.

Besides tourist hot spots, these squares are also central to the National Memorial event and the celebration of the Amsterdam football team (Ajax). Each is easily reached whether you're exploring the city on foot, by bike or by public transport. The many bars, restaurants, coffee shops and clubs are definitely worth visiting.

Did you know that Amsterdam has more than 1200 bars?

Museum square
Another popular square that's worth you time and attention is Museum square. This time not because of bars but the world famous museums. Surrounding a gras area are the Rijksmuseum, the Van Gogh Museum and the Stedelijk Museum. In addition you find the Concert Hall build in 1883.

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What to do in Amsterdam – Markets

Amsterdam is also known for various markets that you can't miss from your must see list during your trip to the city.

Albert Cuyp Market
To begin with there's the Albert Cuypmarkt, probably the most famous market in the Netherlands. The market is open from 9 am till 5 pm on every day except sunday. You can even get to it by boat, namely the Canal Bus. The almost 300 market stands definitely offer anything you could be looking for, be it fresh fruit or hip clothing.

Waterloo Square Market
Then of course there's the Waterloo Square Market, close to the Rembrandt Square, behind the Stopera. This market in Amsterdam provides you with anything from art and antiques to power tools. One thing that's not for sale but you'll definitely enjoy is the typical Amsterdam hospitality.
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What to do in Amsterdam – Vondel Park

The Vondel Park for both tourist and inhabitants a place to be
The Vondel Park is like an oasis in the centre of the city and is named after Joost van den Vondel, a Dutch poet and play writer. The Vondel Park is well looked after and has multiple ponds spread about the park. For both tourists and the inhabitants of Amsterdam the park is a welcome hideout from the busy Amsterdam life.

During the summer you experience the Vondel Park as if it were a forest far away from Amsterdam while gees float around and yellow green parakeets fly around.

The entrance to the park is found right across the street from the Holland Casino and the Max Euwe Square and welcomes you to enjoy skating, biking or simply relaxing during your trip.

Planning to visit the park? Check the agenda of the open air theatre (Dutch site) in the park.
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What to do in Amsterdam – Foam Amsterdam

Foam Amsterdam is one of the less well known museums in Amsterdam compared to the Rijksmuseum and the Van Gogh Museum.

However, the fact that over 125.000 visitors do decide to step inside makes it clear that there's definitely something worth seeing. Amazing pictures from various artists are always a treat. In addition the quiet garden in this classic building on the Keizersgracht allows for a little contemplation.

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What to do in Amsterdam – Artis

The trumpeting of elephants, the shrieking sounds of a bird flying by and the splashing sounds of seals having a good time. That is a day in Amsterdam Zoo, called Artis. For both children and adults this zoo close to the city centre has a lot to offer.
Amsterdam Artis for a trip to the zoo
At the entrance of Artis you can get a map that helps you schedule your tour through the zoo. This is recommended since there are almost too many animals to view and things to do in Artis.

The young monkeys impersonating their parents, the sharks swimming only inches away from the aquarium glass, yes you'll definitely have an exciting time! And if you want to catch your breath, take a seat on one of the many terraces. Kids can enjoy the various playgrounds.

If your planning to visit during the summer, remember to check the evening schedule as there are often special events planned.
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What to do in Amsterdam and nearby – Schiphol

What to do nearby Amsterdam - Visiting Schiphol
While you've possibly passed through Schiphol on your way in, there is more to do there than boarding and picking up your luggage.
Schiphol Plaza
For instance there is Schiphol Plaza where you can enjoy your Starbucks coffee while seeing the busy passengers from and to the Netherlands walk by. Maybe a moment to plan your next visit to the Netherlands.

Another popular activity is called plane spotting for which the Panorama deck but also the various watching spots close by are recommended.

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What to do in Amsterdam and nearby – Haarlem

Haarlem can be reached by train within merely fifteen minutes from Amsterdam Central Station and is definitely recommended for a day trip. It's popular among the Dutch for shopping, but also has a lot of art and history in for instance the Frans Hals Museum and the St. Bavo Church with its 16th century organ.
Teyler Museum
The Teyler Museum in Haarlem is the oldest museum in the Netherlands. It started as the private collection of Pieter Teyler van der Hulst and nowadays hosts interesting expositions like those on evolution or for example the artist Rafael.

Haarlem, a bit more quiet than Amsterdam and definitely as nice to visit.

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What to do in Amsterdam and nearby – Zandvoort at the sea

Train to Zandvoort at sea
At thirty minutes by train from Amsterdam Central Station lies the beach at Zandvoort!

The train goes twice an hour (more often from Haarlem) and brings you straight to the beach within half an hour. While the Netherlands is not famous for its weather, on a sunny day you'll be impressed by the popularity of the beach.

While you're in the neighbourhood, you can also make a trip to the racing track. Circuit Park Zandvoort is a must-see for racing fanatics, with many races during the weekends and the possibility to step into a Lamborghini or Porsche yourself!
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