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Wat te doen in Eindhoven
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what to do in eindhoven - city centre - museums - philips stadium - parcs

What to do in Eindhoven

No matter how you call it, City of lights (the name it shares with Paris) or the craziest (the name it has earned by its lively carnival), a trip to Eindhoven promises to be eventful.

For those that like design and technology, but also those that like nature and history. Eindhoven is a city that has embraced the 20th century with open arms and thereby has become a symbol for design and technology in the Netherlands. Walking through the city centre you'll most certainly notice all of the modern buildings. Like for example the Evoluon conference centre shaped like a flying saucer.

Other things you'll notice are the various opportunities for shopping and to enjoy a late night on the town. Enjoy your trip to Eindhoven!

What to do in Eindhoven – City centre

You'll find Vesteda Tower in the modern Eindhoven city centre
Start out your trip to Eindhoven at the city centre in the area of the market. It's not for nothing that Eindhoven won the prize for Best city centre 2011 - 2013.

However, except for a nice market square Eindhoven has a lot more to offer. Like the many bars and modern shopping centres, beautiful parks and various museums.

And as if that's not enough, the city agenda is filled with great events. Like carnaval and Queensday. But also GLOW and the Dutch Design Week are reasons for hundreds of thousands of visitors to make a trip to Eindhoven.

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What to do in Eindhoven - Station

Immediately when walking out of the Eindhoven station you enter the Station Square. With a cinema and various bars and pubs it's a good place to map out your trip through the city.

Will you be going to the right towards the 18 September Square and the Dutch shopping mall Bijenkorf (literally Beehive), straight into the city centre towards the market square or is it going to be to the left where you find the villa park Tongelre to enjoy the abundance in terms of nature and beautiful buildings.

On the other side of the station you find the Exhibition building where many large exhibitions are held all throughout the year.

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What to do in Eindhoven - Market Square

You should definitely take time out to visit the market in Eindhoven. Like in any other city, also in Eindhoven it´s a lively area thanks to the many terraces and shops.

Especially on Saturday when the Lichtstadmarkt (City of light Market) with art, second hand products and curiosities is held, it's nice to wander about. And when you pass him, why don't you shake the hand of the Dutch industrial Frits Philips "Dutch entrepreneur of the century" who played a major role in the city.
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What to do in Eindhoven - Parken

Visit one of many parks in Eindhoven like the Stadswandelpark
You stumble upon quite a number of parks in Eindhoven during your trips. Of the five largest cities in the Netherlands, Eindhoven has the highest percentage of green areas. We've summed up a number of them below.

The Stadswandelpark has an extensive garden filled with sculptures and national monuments. Nature and culture in one!

Genneper Parken
The Genneper parks also function as recreational area. You can visit the swimming centre and ice skate centre (closed in the summer) for example.

Philips de Jongh Wandelpark
In the Philips de Jongh park you enjoy a stroll through the park and also a nice cup of coffee in the park pavilion.

Henri Dunantpark
The Henri Dunant park in the northern part of Eindhoven has been around since 1972 and exploring the 55 acres of park is a great way to spend a lazy afternoon.

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What to do in Eindhoven - Museums

Philips Fabriek
As the city is drenched with modern life and technological progress the popularity of visiting the Philips factory at the Emmasingel is obvious. This is also where the former headquarters of Philips can be found. This well-known brand has reconstructed the oldest 1891 factory into a museum and an exhibition on the development of the light bulb. Note: the museum is currently under construction.

That Philips has put its stamp on the city also becomes clear from the fact that a complete district was build for it. Construction of the so-called Philips village was started in 1910 to make sure that there was enough living space for its employees.

Van Abbe Museum
Another popular museum is the Van Abbe Museum. Designed by Abel Cahen, it houses many expositions on modern art throughout the year. This museum is home to many important paintings from the 20th century from artists like Picasso and Chagall.

DAF Museum
Car enthusiasts won't be disappointed during their trip to Eindhoven either. The 120 historical vehicles in the DAF Museum at the Tongelresestraat beautifully depict the development of automobiles over time.

Historical Open Air Museum Eindhoven(HOME)
The Historical Open Air Museum (HOME) provides you with a walk through history thanks to its reconstructions of villages from the Iron Age and the Middle Ages. The museum is situated in the Genneper Parks, close to the city centre.
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What to do in Eindhoven – Philips Stadium

A visit to the Philips Stadium in Eindhoven is a must-see for football fans!
Just as Amsterdam has the Arena, Eindhoven has the Philips football stadium.

Build in 1913, the stadium can still be found at the same location (walking distance from the city centre).

Football fanatics be aware! Definitely pay a visit to the Fanstore and take part in one of the tours which are organized every Wednesday at 2.30 PM and Saturday at 1 PM. The younger fans are welcome to take part in a search.

What to do in Eindhoven – Valkenswaard

What to do in Eindhoven, how about a visit to Valkenswaard
Like Eindhoven has much parks to offer, the nearby Valkenswaard is completely surrounded by beautiful nature.

Which gives you the opportunity to go on a walk through nature reserves like the Leender forest or to go biking along (or canoeing on) the Dommel river which flows through the Malpie Nature Reserve.

Valkenswaard itself is a great place to get a taste of the good life for which the southern provinces of the Netherlands are known. Nice terraces and an impressive amount of restaurants to dine heartily.
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