Dutch must see places to visit

Toeristische attracties in Nederland

Dutch must see places to visitA handy overview of what to see in the Netherlands which explains that over 10 million tourists came to the Netherlands over the last years.

The attractions, tourist destinations and many sights to see like the windmills are obviously a fun way to discover the Netherlands on your trip.

Take the tourist route and discover what's so typically Dutch in the Netherlands! Have a great trip!

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Dutch must see places to visit - Dutch tourist destinations

As you can read on the rest of the website, cities like Amsterdam, Rotterdam and The Hague have a lot to offer during your trip. Also the coffee shops have a strong attraction to most tourist. But the popular tourist hotspots are typically a lot smaller in size and owe their popularity to cultural displays and customs which are typical for the Netherlands.


Must see cheese market in Alkmaar The reason for Alkmaar being a must see for a variety of tourists is the Cheese market which has been part of the cultural heritage of the city for centuries. In the period from April through to September, this market is organized every Friday which [...] Continue reading about Alkmaar.


Be sure to visit Gouda on your trip to the Netherlands Thanks to the 355 state monuments in Gouda, also this city belongs to the list of popular must see tourist destinations. Specifically the Gouda cheese has become so famous around the world that tourists also come and visit the weekly cheese market from June through [...] Continue reading about Gouda.


Experience the Dutch history in Volendam on your trip Home to various famous national artists, it's the excessive tourist character of the village Volendam and the many sights to see that make Volendam a fun destination for a day trip. Have your picture taken in traditional clothing, that's what a lot of the visitors [...] Continue reading about Volendam.

Dutch must see places to visit - Dutch windmills

Basically every tourist to the Netherlands should have at least one of the Dutch windmill areas on his/her to do list. The two most well known areas are the Kinderdijk (Children dike) close to Rotterdam and the Zaanse Schans close to Amsterdam.

Kinderdijk windmills

Discover windmills at Kinderdijk Maybe one of the strongest stereotypes that exist abroad are the many windmills that can be found in the Netherlands. Despite using them mostly to generate energy these days, it's still worth the experience to visit the windmills at the Kinderdijk. The Kinderdijk windmills are [...] Continue reading about Kinderdijk windmills.

Zaanse Schans windmills

Zaanse Schans windmills At the Zaanse Schans there are many windmills with each its specific function. From sawing wood to milling flour, milling oil seeds to paint. The mustard and spices mill the Huisman (Houseman) offers a glimpse into the past of the Zaanse mustard (mustard from the [...] Continue reading about Zaanse Schans windmills.

Dutch must see places to visit - Dutch war momuments

In memory of the victims of World War II there are various memorials in the Netherlands that you can visit. The three mentioned below, Westerbork, Kamp Amersfoort and Kamp Vught are the prison camps of which the remains can still be visited and which have various expositions available to learn more about what took place.

Kamp Amersfoort

Kamp Amersfoort Also in the Amersfoort concentration camp many monuments have been built in memory of World War II. A tour of the area, where tens of thousands of prisoners were kept by the German police, allows you to explore these while the various information signs tell [...] Continue reading about Kamp Amersfoort.

Kamp Vught

Kamp Vught near Den Bosch Merely 25 minutes away from Den Bosch you can find Kamp Vught, a former SS camp in World War II. Despite not much remaining of the camp except for the ruines of a crematory, a visit still gives you the opportunity to learn about the [...] Continue reading about Kamp Vught.

Kamp Westerbork

Kamp Westerbork In Hooghalen in the province Drenthe you find concentration camp Westerbork where hundreds of thousands of people come to visit and to find the answer to the question "What has happened here?". In memory of the 102,000 prisoners that didn't return after leaving for a [...] Continue reading about Kamp Westerbork.

Dutch must see places to visit - Typically Dutch

The Royal Family, tulips and the ongoing battle with the water are obviously 3 things in the Dutch culture that are impossible to ignore. And where better to discover all about these than in Paleis Soestdijk, in the Keukenhof and at the coast?


Deltaworks An important part of the Dutch history can be viewed at the Delta Works. This is where 'the battle with the water' has definitely been won since the North Sea flood in 1953. For a glimpse into the past and the modern day function of [...] Continue reading about Deltaworks.


Keukenhof You probably don't even need to be told what the Keukenhof is thanks to its worldwide fame. With a surface of 79 acres and a yearly hundreds of thousands of visitors between March and May it can definitely not miss from your to trip itinerary. [...] Continue reading about Keukenhof.

Port of Rotterdam

Port of Rotterdam The largest port of Europe and situated directly at the North Sea, the Port of Rotterdam is most definitely a tourist attraction. It has a surface of almost 25000 acres and employs 70,000 people. The city port is largely accessible to the public. So explore [...] Continue reading about Port of Rotterdam.

Soestdijk Palace

Soestdijk Palace What started in the 17th century as the Hofstede aen Zoestdijck, the villa of the mayor of Amsterdam, finally (after being passed on between governors of the city) became the residence of the former Dutch queen Juliana and prince Bernhard. Today you can make a [...] Continue reading about Soestdijk Palace.