Cool Event Scheveningen

Enjoy winter fun at the Cool Event Scheveningen

Come and skate next to the beach at the Cool Event in Scheveningen! Heated winter terraces guarantee that after skating on the hundreds of square meters of ice or sliding down the winter slides, you can warm up nicely in the middle of the cozy winter scenery.

If you come and visit with a group, there are various package deals available and obviously you won’t have to go hungry or thirsty thanks to the typical winter bites available at the Koek en Zopie (typical Dutch name for a stand with food and drinks in the winter).

The fact that the Cool Event gets extended almost every winter indicates that it’s an increasingly popular destination to hang out during the winter period. In short, winter or summer, Scheveningen is definitely worth a visit!

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Dates Cool Event Scheveningen 2018
Saturday, November 10 - Sunday, January 13
All day

These are the dates for the the past edition of Cool Event Scheveningen in November 2018.

, The Hague

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