Ice Sculpture Festival

Ice Sculpture Festival in Zwolle

The Ice Sculpture Festival in Zwolle is open for visitors again this Christmas period! With various world famous stories and movies as its theme, the best ice artists are sure to amaze visitors again this edition.

In short, beautifully sculpted ice figures from Game of thrones to Winnie the Poeh in amazing scenes build out of 250,000 kilos of ice and the same weight in snow! A unique experience which have fascinated up to 145,000 visitors during their trip to Zwolle.

In addition to this refreshing exhibition, the Ice Sculpture Festival offers free entrance to the WinterWonderland which houses a lot of entertainment for the kids. Like the bouncing castles, carnival rides and fun LEGO games! Definitely recommended in the list of days out this Christmas!

Video Ice Sculpture Festival

Dates Ice Sculpture Festival 2018
Saturday, December 15 - Sunday, March 03
All day

, Zwolle

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