Kerken Kijken Utrecht

Kerken Kijken (Viewing Churches) Utrecht

Curious to find out what’s hidden inside the beautiful churches in Utrecht?

During Kerken Kijken (Viewing Churches) you have the opportunity to really explore the city center of Utrecht. Obviously by visiting the Domkerk, but also for example the Ste. Gertrudis Cathedral with her colorful wall paintings and mosaics is worth a peak. Not to mention the pinkish red columns of the Pieterskerk.

Next to a trip down memory lane, Kerken Kijken offers guides as well to take you by the hand passing these unique sights.

Video Kerken Kijken Utrecht (Viewing Churches)

Dates Kerken Kijken Utrecht 2019
Tuesday, June 25 - Saturday, September 14
All day
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, Utrecht

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