Luikse Markt Utrecht

Luikse Markt Utrecht in de Jaarbeurs

A great indoor event this winter is the Luikse Markt (Liège Market) in the Jaarbeurs in Utrecht. Also handy in case the weather is less than ideal.

If you’re wondering what a Luikse Markt is, it’s an extended flea market with a broad collection of antiques and second hand goods. Extended meaning that besides the 600 stalls you’ll also find fun activities for kids and cozy live music.

From antique clocks to classic books and second hand goods are on display for a fun day of strolling and perhaps you’ll even discover the one piece missing from your collection!

Opening hours
Friday, December 28
9:00 am - 4:30 pm

, Utrecht

Official website of Luikse Markt Utrecht