Nativity Scene Sint Jan

Nativity Scene Sint Jan in Den Bosch

Every year up to a hundred thousand visitors drop by at the annual Nativity Scene in the Sint-Janskathedraal in Den Bosch. What’s unique about the Nativity Scene this year is that the volunteers got a helping hand from the Theme park Efteling to put it together. Making sure the 2000 year old story is again told in a unique fashion this edition.

Walk through the church and experience the Christmas story in the beautiful scenery around you and of course in the manger where the special scenario of the birth of Christ is displayed.

A day out to Den Bosch that is sure to inspire you during the holidays!

Video Nativity Scene Sint-Jan

Dates Nativity Scene Sint Jan 2018
Tuesday, December 11 - Sunday, January 27
All day

These are the dates for the the past edition of Nativity Scene Sint Jan in December 2018.

, Den Bosch

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