Oerrock Festival

Ascension Festival Oerrock

The Oerrock Festival takes place at the Skieppeleane in Ureterp (Friesland) with every year a variety of famous artists. Earlier editions saw, among others, Van Velzen, Miss Montreal and Kensington performing live on stage. Next to that, a host of tribute bands know how to create a festive atmosphere with a repetoire of famous songs.

It’s no surprise than that this 3-day festival brings together thousands of rock enthusiasts. On the one hand thanks to the impressive line up, on the other thanks to the various campsites nearby it’s a great way to spend Ascension Day and the weekend that follows.

Ever since 2000 Oerrock is a popular part of the festival landscape. Will we be seeing you there? Rocking through the weekend!

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Opening hours
Thursday, May 30 - Saturday, June 01
All day
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, Ureterp

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