Open Day Feyenoord

Open Day Feyenoord in Rotterdam

For soccer fans and especially those that support Feyenoord, it’s time for the Open Day Feyenoord in the Kuip soccer stadium in Rotterdam.

The program is filled with fun activities, so for those that have always wanted to get an authograph of their favorite players, now is the time to meet them. In person!

Next to the presentation of the players, the entire day is filled with activities in and around the stadium, including the Soccer village where the kids can play fun games. A fun day out in Rotterdam for soccer enthusiasts.

Video Open Day Feyenoord

Dates Open Day Feyenoord 2018
Thursday, July 19
10:00 am - 5:00 pm

These are the dates for the the past edition of Open Day Feyenoord in July 2018.

, Rotterdam

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