Paasstaakslepen (Easter Stake Hauling)

Paasstaakslepen (Easter Stake Hauling)

In the east of the Netherlands, in Denekamp, every Easter the tradition of Easter Stake Dragging is played out. A tradition that goes back to Heathen times and to this day ends with a beautiful Easter fire.

Together with the audience, the ceremony starts in front of the St. Nicolaaskerk (St. Nicolas Church) after which the whole crowd moves to Huis Singraven (House of Singraven) to ask for an Easter stake. Following this, a tree is chosen which is cut and brought back to the city center.

All of this is accompanied by Easter songs and ends with the play of placing and selling the tree, but Judas and Iscarioth, the leads in the play.

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Opening hours
Sunday, April 21
1:00 pm - 9:00 pm
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, Denekamp

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