TuinIdee (Garden Idea)

TuinIdee (Garden Idea) in Den Bosch

For those with green fingers, they’re sure to have a fun and educational day out during the largest garden event in the Netherlands, TuinIdee, in Den Bosch!

This annual garden fair is where you find everything from beautiful garden designs to the best furniture and cozy plants, combined with the advise of professionals.

Always wanted to have tips on what you can do with your specific garden or how to take care of sick plants? Al your questions will be answered during TuinIdee.

Next to that, TuinIdee Culinair has some tasty treats ready for you to taste. From biological regional products to even edible flowers. Literally everything for your garden!

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Opening hours
Thursday, February 21 - Sunday, February 24
All day
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, Den Bosch

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