Vakantiebeurs (Holiday Fair)

Vakantiebeurs (Holiday Fair) in Utrecht

The Vakantiebeurs (Holiday Fair) in Utrecht is a well-known annual holiday fair in the Jaarbeurs in Utrecht, inspiring the journeys of many thousands of holiday goers. During this 5 day fair you’re sure to discover your next destination among the opportunities available!

From food tasting to workshop, dance to presentation, the Vakantiebeurs is where you’ll experience it on the spot this spring. And then we haven’t even started discussing travel itself.

Travel, which local experts love to share the ins and outs about. Where to go for a nice bite to eat, what sights you should definitely go and see and that nice little hotel that few people know of.

The fair is build up out of theme worlds, from adventurous journeys to city trips, family holidays to cruises, making it even easier to pick your favourite! If you prefer active holidays, be sure to walk over to the themed pavilions offering volunteer holidays, photography trips and train journeys.

Imagine a visit to the fair like a mini trip around the world. Only in this case you walk from Europe to Amerika within minutes and only meters away you’ll be admiring the beautiful nature-rich Australia.

Next to that the fair offers numerous activities. How about literally tasting what culinary highlights the world has to offer? Fun quizzes and contests complete the picture. Maybe you’ll even win your next holiday right there and then!

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Dates Vakantiebeurs (Holiday Fair) 2019
Thursday, January 10 - Sunday, January 13
All day

These are the dates for the the past edition of Vakantiebeurs (Holiday Fair) in January 2019.

, Utrecht

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