Discover Den Bosch from the Binnendieze canals

The Binnendieze, a former sewer that ran through the city of Den Bosch, has been reconstructed in memory of the past and made accessible to visitors. Turning it into a unique way to discover the city from the water.

One of the things you’ll notice on your tour then is the way in which houses have been build over the network of canals due to a shortage of space. This because the Binnendieze kept branching out through the city.

Obviously the experience of passing the former sewer by boat is one that is unlike any other so once you’ve gotten on at Uilenburg, you’ll definitely have an interesting time. Below the houses and through the old city center you get a unique insight into many centuries of history. Definitely a must-see among -Things to do in Den Bosch-.

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Address Binnendieze
Den Bosch

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