An important part of the Dutch history can be viewed at the Delta Works. This is where ‘the battle with the water’ has definitely been won since the North Sea flood in 1953.

For a glimpse into the past and the modern day function of the Delta Works there are various visitor centers available. Like Delta Parc Neeltje Jans which is the visitor center of the Eastern Scheldt storm surge barrier. Here a complete amusement and water park has been constructed that provides expositions, various fun attractions and a tour by the Delta Works. Definitely a fun trip to make!

Besides Neeltje Jans there are various other visitor centers near the Maeslant and the Oosterschelde storm surge barrier of which each has its own story to tell about the North Sea flood.

Done with museums and visitor centers? While you’re in the neighbourhood, take one of the biking or walking tours or visit cities like Vlissingen and Middelburg closeby.

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