Theme park Duinrell

At the theme park Duinrell, the Tikibad is the ultimate place for endless water fun. Did you know you can experience a dive with speeds of up to 70 kilometers per hour in the Falcon? Or why don’t you try the challenge of the climbing wall.

Next to that the bumper boats are a fun way to hang out on the water, as it is to race down the Aqua Shute. The latter being a slide with streaming water that you slide down on, on a small sled! Not to mention mini golf, a train through the troll cave, a luge track and the Splash that brings the water really close to both participants as onlookers!

In case all of this isn’t enough for you, walk over (or better said ‘dive into’) the Tikibad (Tiki Pool). Loads of slides and endless water fun. No matter how you prefer to spend your leisure time, theme park Duinrell offers almost every option!

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Address Duinrell
Duinrell 1
2242 JP

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