Groninger Museum

Groninger Museum with contemporary art

The building that houses the Groninger Museum in Groningen has an attractive design and modern look (existing in its current shape since 1994). Hour after hour you can enjoy a variety of exhibitions, from photography to paintings and contemporary art, fashion and design. Be sure to explore beforehand what works in the museum you’d like to view up close.

The setup of the museum is quite unique with floors both above and below water, which automatically turns your visit into a search through the building. The museum holds a rotating exhibition, so even when you’re in the neighborhood more frequently you can drop by to see what works from the collection are exhibited.

Perhaps unexpectedly, the Groninger Museum doesn’t only serve adults, but also has an extensive program available for children. This way you can enjoy the exhibitions yourself while your children, for example, complete a search through the museum.

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Address Groninger Museum
Museumeiland 1
9711 ME

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