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Maybe one of the strongest stereotypes that exist abroad are the many windmills that can be found in the Netherlands. Despite using them mostly to generate energy these days, it’s still worth the experience to visit the windmills at the Kinderdijk.

The Kinderdijk windmills are 19 windmills which are on the Unesco World Heritage list have earned their spot due to their role in milling water from the polder (reclaimed land) to the river the Lek. Up until today the windmills are still in use thanks to good maintenance.

At less than 45 minutes distance (by bus) from Rotterdam Lombardijen, you’re exactly where you wanted to go. Walking past the water, you can view all the windmills that belong to the Unesco World Heritage. Also one of the windmills is open for visitors, to really learn how the mechanics of the windmills work.

The windmill park can be visited free of charge and whether you go by bike or on foot, the visitor mill (mill nr. 2) will be a unique experience during your trip. During the winter this is opened on Saturday and Sunday (11 am till 4 pm) and during windmill season (April – October) daily from 9.30 am till 5.30 pm.

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Address Kinderdijk windmills
Nederwaard 1
2961 AS

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