Enjoy the view from the Martinitoren in Groningen

Just like you can recognize Utrecht by the Domtoren, you’re sure to remember Groningen by the Martinitoren. This 15th century tower is call d’Olle Grieze (Old Grey) by the inhabitants of the city, which obviously refers to the grey color.

On your trip to Groningen, a visit to the Martini Tower cannot miss from your itinerary. Including the adjacent Martini Church with its 17th century organ and murals that were re-discovered early 1900.

Next to the inside of the tower, be sure to also enjoy the view from the top that lets you explore the city and its surroundings with a bird’s eye view. It’s a bit of climb on the 260 steps, but you’ll be rewarded for the effort!

Video Martinitoren

Address Martinitoren
Martinikerkhof 1
9712 JG

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