Natuurmuseum Fryslan

Kids discover nature at the Natuurmuseum Fryslan

With storytelling four days a week (wed, fri, sat, sun) and a visit to the giant dragon Li-Ming in the attic, the Natuurmuseum (Nature Museum) Fryslan is a fun place to spend an afternoon with the kids.

And there’s more! Like the Open Atelier where you can admire a taxidermist at work. Next, the travelling chest of the Frisian captain Severein is where you discover what he collected during his journeys around the world.

And not to be forgotten is the Whale room which is filled with, among others, the skeletons of various sea mammals for this kids to understand their actual size and learn about their lives in the ocean.

Whoever said a museum was boring, definitely hasn’t been to the Natuurmuseum Fryslan.

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Address Natuurmuseum Fryslan
Schoenmakersperk 2
8911 EM

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