nijntje museum (miffy museum)

nijntje museum (miffy museum)

Previously known as the dick bruna house is nowadays called the nijntje museum (miffy museum). Who didn’t grow up with the adventures of miffy! These and other main characters from the works of Dick Bruna you discover in the miffy museum across the street from the Centraal Museum in Utrecht.

Obviously a trip to the museum is high on the list for the kids that can almost endlessly explore the ten themed areas. Climbing through the house of miffy, getting to know wild and tame animals in the zoo and being read to every Sunday! Also the kids can discover their own creative side in the art room. Painting, cutting and pasting, it’s all possible!

The name of the nijntje museum is intentionally written without capital letters the way Dick Bruna did himself.

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Address nijntje museum (miffy museum)
Agnietenstraat 2
3512 XB

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