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Learn about the history of Philips at the Philips Museum

Modern life and the technological developments are found all throughout Eindhoven city, so it’s no surprise that the Philips Museum at the Emmasingel is a popular sight to see in Eindhoven.

This is also where you find the former headquarters of Philips. This well-known technology brand has the rebuild the old factory from 1891 to a museum and an exposition about the development of the light bulb. In the museum you learn about the rol the company played in, among others, the music industry, the innovations it has realized in the medical world and everything about the evolution of light.

The fact that Philips has made an indelible impression also comes forward from the neighborhood that was build to support it. Called Philipsdorp (Philips village), the build started in 1910 to make sure that there was enough room to live for the personnel of the company.

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Address Philips Museum
Emmasingel 31
5611 AZ

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