Rijksmuseum a must see in Amsterdam

The flagship of the Museumplein is of course the Rijksmuseum. The stately building that has been in use since 1885 belongs to the Top 100 Dutch UNESCO heritage monuments, which makes it a museum piece worth viewing in and of itself.

For 10 years the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam was reconstructed and then opened again for the public on April 14, 2013. Already in the first year of this reopening over 2 million visitors came to the museum and the museum has had rave reviews ever since, so be sure to discover all the treasures the museum holds.

You’re more than welcome to behold all the works of the Dutch masters ranging from Rembrandt to Vermeer, Jan Steen to Frans Hals on your tour. While on your tour, you’re sure to be awestruck for at least a few seconds when entering the space that holds the Nachtwacht (The Night Watch).

Did you know that youth 18 and under have free admission to the museum? Making it an affordable trip for the whole family!

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Address Rijksmuseum
Jan Luijkenstraat 1
1071 CJ

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