Sonnenborgh observatory

Sonnenborgh observatory in Utrecht

Originally intended as an extension of the defense wall around the old city center of Utrecht and temporary used for housing the KNMI (Royal Netherlands Meteorological Institute), Sonnenborgh is nowadays used as an observatory.

One the one hand used for astrological measurement using the 5 telescopes that are housed there, on the other it’s constructed as a museum.

The exhibitions in the observatory consist of, among others, a look back into the life of soldiers during the 16th century, a planetarium where you can view the composition of the planets and a unique solar spectrograph which enables you to investigate what gasses the sun is made up of. Special to see is the cannon of Sonnenborgh which was controlled by no less than 6 cannoneers.

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Address Sonnenborgh observatory
Zonnenburg 2
3512 NL

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