South Limburg

Sightseeing in the South of Limburg

If you like a hilly landscape with an abundance of orchards and farms, then South Limbrug is definitely one of the National Landscapes you want to put on your must see list.

Whether you prefer walking, mountain biking or if you’re just looking for the typical Limburg joviality in one of its historical cities, you discover it in South Limburg. From the Maasvallei with her swirling river the Maas to the vast Brunssummer heath and the Geleenbeekdal with her walking paths offer every opportunity for a day out.

The numerous historical components in the landscape only further add to the unique experience. Where else do you find hedges and orchards alternated with numerous castles which allow for a peak into the region’s history?

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Address South Limburg
Zuid Limburg

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