Spoorwegmuseum in Utrecht

Welcome to the Spoorwegmuseum (Railroad Museum) where your exploration of the railroads throughout the centuries starts with your first step into the museum. It literally takes you by the hand through different worlds where train travel plays a central role.

From The Great Discovery about the origin of the railroads to Dream Journals about luxury journeys through exotic areas in the 19th century, you won’t just see history but actually experience it.

For model trains you head to the model track attic where you can view a major collection. If you replace the word museum with amusement park you get a rough idea of what the Spoorwegmuseum has to offer for you and your kids. An outside terrain with a track for kids, various events and exhibitions, your kids won’t stop talking about your visit.

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Address Spoorwegmuseum
3581 XW

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Upcoming events Spoorwegmuseum

  • Friday, March 15 - Sunday, March 17

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