Theme park Slagharen

Theme park Slagharen

For a free fall and a super glide you’re at the right place in the theme park Slagharen. And to be honest, there’s very little you can’t do here. Driving, sailing, spinning, gliding, floating and swimming. Which do you prefer?

For years now, both for young and old visitors enjoy the park duing a day out. And even when you’ve been there before, don’t think you’ve seen it all. With the various new attractions, you’re guaranteed to be pleasantly surprised.

The various shows and performances in the park, including the street theater are the cherry on top, making sure your have a sensational experience. If you stay in Ponypark City, you have free entrance to Slagharen and a pony available every day.

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Address Theme park Slagharen
Zwarte Dijk 37
7776 PB

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