Theme park Toverland

To begin with you’ll discover the Fenix in Toverland, a roller coaster that speeds down the 40 meter high hill at 95 kilometers per hour. The Booster Bike in theme park Toverland (Magic Land) doesn’t just sound cool, this wild roller coaster is cool! On a motorcyle at 75 kilometers per hour. No less cool is the wooden roller coaster Troy. Tumbling down from 35 meters high at 90 kilometers per hour.

A bit less of an adrenaline rush, but no less fun for the whole family is Villa Fiasco! With wobbling stairs and spinning discs to overcome, an adventurous adventure if ever there was one!

Fountains, water games and a survival parc complete the picture. Theme park Toverland, who doesn’t want to be enchanted?

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Address Toverland
Toverlaan 2
5975 MR

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