Zoo Parc Overloon

Explore animal life at Zoo Parc Overloon

Take your kids on an exciting safari through the park or try being a zookeeper for a day or how about learning all about the love life of animals? Those are only a few of the fun experiences offered by Zoo Parc Overloon.

Also you can have your kids face painted as their favourite animal and be sure to put ‘meeting a zookeeper’ on your to do list. And then we haven’t mentioned viewing all the unique animals in the zoo.

From the Arctic fox to the Swamp wallaby, Meerkats to Snowy owls offer a colourful and diverse view of the fauna in the world. A fun day out among wild animals!

VideoZoo Parc Overloon

Address Zoo Parc Overloon
Stevensbeekseweg 19-21
5825 JB

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