Zwanenbroedershuis in Den Bosch

Logically the Zwanenbroedershuis is the house of the Zwanenbroeders. But what are the Zwanenbroeders (loosely translated to Swan Brethren)?

It’s a society of an old brotherhood that was originally started to honor the virgin Mary, but is nowadays a brotherhood for high-ranking individuals. For example, the Dutch King Willem-Alexander is one of its members.

The name originates from the habit of serving many dishes containing swans during the annual banquet. The building, in Neo-Gothic style, is partially opened as museum and therefor open to visitors during guided tours.

Video Zwanenbroedershuis

Address Zwanenbroedershuis
Hinthamerstraat 94
Den Bosch
5211 MS

Official website of the Zwanenbroedershuis

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