Nightlife in the Netherlands

Uitgaan in Nederland

One things is sure. The nightlife in the Netherlands can be very diverse. Whereas Groningen is mostly known for the student life, Rotterdam is predominantly a clubbing city. In Amsterdam there's “Amsterdam style” on the one hand in the Jordaan and various party bars at the Rembrandt Square.

Nightlife in Den Bosch is also recommended. The southern friendliness will surprise you! Obviously the same is true for Maastricht.

Continue reading below and click on the descriptions to find more information about the nightlife in a specific city in the Netherlands. The order is alphabetical and doesn't indicate any preference by the authors.

Nightlife in the Netherlands - Nightlife tips per city


Amsterdam is one of the few cities in the Netherlands where every night of the week has an active nightlife. Obviously on Friday and Saturday evening. But don’t hesitate to go into town on a Monday either. You won’t be alone. The atmosphere in the city centre is generally casual. As for dress code, this usually isn’t that strict.

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Den Bosch

Den Bosch and its nightlife are generally known for its southern friendliness. The bar and club area is very accessible in Den Bosch. At finding the first bar or club at least you won’t have any trouble seeing the next one ahead. The people in Den Bosch are very hospitable which makes almost every bar worth visiting.

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Like Amsterdam has the Melkweg club, Eindhoven has the Effenaar. And that´s not where the comparison ends. You´ll stumble upon a nightlife that is as lively and diverse in the 5 bar and club areas in Eindhoven. Ranging from pubs to dance clubs that don´t close till early in the morning. Have fun! Continue reading about the Eindhoven nightlife.

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Groningen is known for its active student nightlife around the Grote Markt and in the various clubs. Besides party clubs Groningen also has plenty of bars that are less noisy like for instance jazz cafes and pubs. Continue reading about the Groningen nightlife.

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To visit all the bars in Maastricht you definitely need more than one weekend. And even then. Especially if you consider that a bit further from the city centre, each area has its own local bars.

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The nightlife in Rotterdam is known for its clubs. This is further emphasized by the fact that many of these clubs are located at walking distance of one another. Once you’re in the centre of Rotterdam you won’t have any trouble finding the right place for you. In addition, a bit further from the city centre in the direction of the Old Harbour there are many nice bars and pubs. Continue reading about the Rotterdam nightlife.

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The Hague

Next to a beautiful historic city centre, The Hague also has a lively nightlife. Ranging from bars to Irish pubs and clubs, the nightlife is usually concentrated around the Hofvijver.

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Also Utrecht has a varied and vivid nightlife. And it’s this diversity that makes it easy for every taste to be satisfied. Whether you prefer hip and trendy clubs or a nice pub, leave it up to Utrecht to provide you with an evening full of entertainment.

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