Jordaan Amsterdam

Originally the Jordaan was a workers neighborhood, yet today it’s one of the increasingly popular areas for both its nightlife and living.

The fact that it’s a typical Amsterdam neighborhood definitely becomes clear during, among others, the Jordaan Festival, but also the atmosphere in the various bars is jovial.

Cafe Thijssen

Nightlife at Café Thijssen in Amsterdam At walking distance from the Central Station (heading west or in other words to the right when exiting the station) there is cafe Thijssen at Brouwersgracht (Brewers Canal) 107. A nice place to get a drink and hang out with friends until late in the [...] Continue reading about Cafe Thijssen.

Cafe De Blaffende Vis

Nightlife at Cafe De Blaffende Vis in Amsterdam Filled completely on Kingsday, the center point of attention whenever the Dutch soccer team plays, but also a fun place to spend a Thursday evening that even has a nice bite to eat on the menu as well. This 2 story bar in the Jordaan [...] Continue reading about Cafe De Blaffende Vis.

Cafe Nol

Nightlife at Cafe Nol in Amsterdam As Dutch as they get, both in visitors as in music. Or more precisely, as "Amsterdam" as they get. Even if just for the experience cafe Nol is a great stop on your tour. Ever since 1966 it's a well-known name in Amsterdam and a [...] Continue reading about Cafe Nol.