Den Bosch nightlife

Uitgaan in Den Bosch

Enjoy the southern hospitality during the Den Bosch nightlifeDen Bosch and its nightlife are generally known for its southern friendliness. The bar and club area is very accessible in Den Bosch. At finding the first bar or club at least you won't have any trouble seeing the next ahead. The people in Den Bosch are very hospitable which makes almost every bar worth visiting.

Starting at the station we first come across the bar M'n Tante (My Aunt) in the clubbing area Uilenburg. A good place to start the evening. Passing various bars in the Karrenstraat and the Ridderstraat we end up at the Market. This is where amongst others Plein 79 is available for alternative music and a great atmosphere.

Continuing on the Kerkstraat you find the Korte Putstraat. Remember that this is all within an acceptable walking distance of each other. Next on the Kerkstraat we pass the Torenstraat on the left and the Parade on the right. The latter being the place to be for a young audience.

Karrenstraat Uilenburg Markt Korte Putstraat Parade

Den Bosch nightlife - Karrenstraat

At the Karrenstraat you can be sure to have a good time whether you’re looking for fun nightlife locations or a quality restaurant. If you come from the Vismarkt, you walk past a variety of great locations.

Zomers en Zomers

Nightlife at Zomers & Zomers in Den Bosch The music turned up and the bar filled with party people. Thanks to the diverse crowd the atmosphere is always great. With 90's music and popular dance hits you'll feel right at home. Come and sing along with the greatest hits. If there's a football [...] Continue reading about Zomers en Zomers.

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Den Bosch nightlife - Uilenburg

Picturesque and by all means jovial is the neighborhood Uilenburg in Den Bosch. If you come from the station, you walk straight into it when heading for the city center.

The cozy streets is where you find plenty of bars and pubs to ensure your night is off to a right start.

Cafe M’n Tante

Nightlife at Cafe M'n Tante in Den Bosch Cafe M'n Tante (Cafe My aunt) is a cosy bar, especially for Friday afternoon drinks and a great place to start bar-hopping in Den Bosch. Winner of many Heineken prices. The famous words by Freddy Heineken, 'I don't sell beer, I sell atmosphere', definitely apply. Continue reading about Cafe M’n Tante.

Den Bosch nightlife - Markt

The center of the nightlife in Den Bosch is the Markt where from whichever direction you get there, there’s plenty of directions to go to. The Markt itself and just around the corner are also nice to have a drink and visit some alternative bars.

Plein 79

Nightlife at Plein 79 in Den Bosch An alternative nightclub with affordable drinks and a nice atmosphere. Plein 79 is situated on the market below the VVV (Tourist office) of Den Bosch. Depending on the night you might hear some dance music here, but rock and metal definitely belong on the playlist. [...] Continue reading about Plein 79.
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Den Bosch nightlife - Korte Putstraat

Also known as the ‘terrace street of the Netherlands’, the Korte Putstraat is filled with restaurants and fun bars from the beginning till the end.

Cafe Roels

Nightlife at Café Roels in Den Bosch Cafe Roels gives the impression of a British pub. Thanks to bands and artists who regularly entertain the crowd there's always a lively atmosphere. The audience varies but many of the local sports clubs (like hockey and rugby) come together here for a drink. Video [...] Continue reading about Cafe Roels.

Taveerne ‘t Pantoffeltje

Nightlife at Taveerne ‘t Pantoffeltje in Den Bosch Typically southern hospitality is embraced in 't Pantoffeltje (the House shoe) where you can join the crowd both inside and out on the terrace. The classic interior and the friendly team that welcomes you, makes it that pretty much everyone feels at home during a [...] Continue reading about Taveerne ‘t Pantoffeltje.

Den Bosch nightlife - Parade

On and near this cozy square overlooked by the Sint Jan church, you’re sure to have a fun night out.

Ranging from hip dance locations to old fashioned jovial grand cafes are ready to welcome you during your night out in Den Bosch.

Cafe Blondt

Nightlife at Cafe Blondt at De Parade in Den Bosch With a tasty cocktail night on Saturday night, the atmosphere quickly heats up at Cafe Blondt (previously Cordes). Also thanks to the live performances and the DJs that regularly appear on the agenda, the public quickly makes it to the dance floor. Formerly an atelier [...] Continue reading about Cafe Blondt.

Cafe Silva Ducis

Nightlife at Cafe Silva Ducis in Den Bosch De Parade has a whole row of bars to offer, one of which is Silva Ducis During the day it's a Grand Cafe and also at night it's a popular venue. With various music styles, mostly popular and house you'll enjoy an energetic evening. Video [...] Continue reading about Cafe Silva Ducis.
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