Markt Den Bosch

The center of the nightlife in Den Bosch is the Markt where from whichever direction you get there, there’s plenty of directions to go to. The Markt itself and just around the corner are also nice to have a drink and visit some alternative bars.

Plein 79

Nightlife at Plein 79 in Den Bosch An alternative nightclub with affordable drinks and a nice atmosphere. Plein 79 is situated on the market below the VVV (Tourist office) of Den Bosch. Depending on the night you might hear some dance music here, but rock and metal definitely belong on the playlist. [...] Continue reading about Plein 79.


Nightlife at Cafe Jeronimus in Den Bosch Named after the famous artist from Den Bosch, Jeroen Bosch, you can come in and have a good time from 9 in the morning until late at night. A cozy atmosphere makes it a nice place to start your night out with a bite and [...] Continue reading about Jeronimus.

Party bar Lalalaa

Nightlife at Party bar Lalalaa in Den Bosch Lalalaa definitely fits the description party bar. With disco lights on the ceiling, a dark wooden decoration and a full dance floor every Thursday through Saturday. Also a nice place for an affordable dinner and open till early in the morning (04:00) in the weekend. [...] Continue reading about Party bar Lalalaa.