Eindhoven nightlife

Uitgaan in Eindhoven

Enjoy the excitement of the nightlife in EindhovenThere's no need to be bored in Eindhoven on a Saturday night. Neither on Friday night for that matter. Oh and you'll even enjoy Thursday night thanks to the many bars and clubs available in Eindhoven.

There are roughly 5 areas in Eindhoven where the party atmosphere can be found. The most popular one being Stratumseind. Don't let that hold you back to explore other areas like the one around the Market though.

You'll find various venues around the Station Square and the Dommelstraat as well. In addition the Wilhelminaplein offers a fun combination of both restaurants and bars, allowing you to start early and to keep on going till late in the evening (or early in the morning).

The clubs are open till 2 o'clock at night, but most nightlife areas in the centre are allowed to stay open later (Source: Eindhoven municipality).

Stationsplein Dommelstraat Markt Stratumseind Wilhelminaplein

Eindhoven nightlife - Stationsplein

The Stationsplein (Station Square) in Eindhoven is a great place to start your night on the town. Next to the convenient location near the station and the city center, there are also a number of nightlife venues to start with. In fact, you might even stick around here.

Plein 4

Nightlife at Plein 4 in Eindhoven Previously Bermuda and even before that the Danssalon is nowadays the Grand Café Plein 4 (Square 4) in the monumental building at the Stationsplein. On the one hand a nice atmosphere to get a bite to eat, on the other hand a recommended venue for [...] Continue reading about Plein 4.

Eindhoven nightlife - Dommelstraat

No more than a few minutes from the station you fin the Dommelstraat. Quiet and cozy during a night out in Eindhoven.


Concerts at the Effenaar in Eindhoven The Effenaar is a well-known name in Eindhoven and the surrounding area for those that like great parties, concerts and live shows. The location near the station makes it accessible to visitors from outside the city as well. Ranging from Serious Talent On Tour to [...] Continue reading about Effenaar.

The Trafalgar Pub

Nightlife at The Trafalgar Pub in Eindhoven For a relaxed evening on the town in a typically British pub where the music is nice yet you're still able to understand each other. A good start for a night out as well as The Trafalgar pub is situated nearby the city center. Let [...] Continue reading about The Trafalgar Pub.

Eindhoven nightlife - Markt

Located centrally with many terraces and various fun bars, the Markt is a place that you’ll surely pass during your night out. Start at one of the eateries and next have a seat in one of the pubs or let the DJs entertain you in one of the surrounding bars.

De Wildeman

Nightlife at De Wildeman in Eindhoven At De Wildeman (The Wild Man) there's a quiz night every Tuesday and Wednesday, a casual drinks night on Thursday and DJs to entertain you on Friday and Saturday. You get the picture, cafe De Wildeman has a perfect schedule for almost every night of [...] Continue reading about De Wildeman.


Nightlife at Publiek in Eindhoven Both a diner and a bar to hang around till late in the night (4AM in the weekend), that's Publiek (Public). The resident DJ sets the mood with your favorite music, so you'll definitely have a good night! Be aware that during the carnival season [...] Continue reading about Publiek.

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Eindhoven nightlife - Stratumseind

As mentioned before, Stratumseind is the busiest and most popular nightlife area of Eindhoven. As you’ll understand we won’t be able to describe all pubs, but here’s a few to get a feel for the area.

Santiago de Cuba

Nightlife at Santiago de Cuba in Eindhoven Swinging beats, exotic cocktails and a wonderful interior make Santiago de Cuba a unique nightlife venue for a fun evening out. Various themed parties make sure that your night out is a bit different every time you visit while the DJs make sure that the [...] Continue reading about Santiago de Cuba.

The Jack

Nightlife at The Jack in Eindhoven The best rock music from the 70s, 80s and 90s combined with a game of pool and darts and the list goes on. Plenty of ways to enjoy a night out at The Jack. Every last Friday of the month there are a number of [...] Continue reading about The Jack.

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Eindhoven nightlife - Wilhelminaplein

The Wilhelminplein is not as spectacular as Stratumseind, but definitely a square that you’ll have good time as well. Especially in the summer you’ll enjoy the various terraces on the square and the bars available for a night out.

Cafe Wilhelmina

Nightlife at Cafe Wilhelmina in Eindhoven During the day it's a diner and the closer it gets to the evening live music starts. For example during the Clash of the Coverbands. In the weekend the dance floor at Cafe Wilhelmina becomes a hotspot thanks to the resident DJ. Next to all [...] Continue reading about Cafe Wilhelmina.

Kaffee de Groot

Nightlife at Kaffee de Groot in Eindhoven Another nice pub-style bar at the Wilhelminaplein is Kaffee de Groot with live music at least every Sunday. And with a drink goes a nice bite, so enjoy a tasty egg roll or sate stick with it. Think of anything from the 60s and 70s [...] Continue reading about Kaffee de Groot.