Rotterdam nightlife

Uitgaan in Rotterdam

Head over to one of the many clubs in Rotterdam nightlifeThe nightlife in Rotterdam is known for its clubs. This is further emphasized by the fact that many of these clubs are located at walking distance of one another. Once you're in the centre of Rotterdam you won't have any trouble finding the right place for you.

In addition, a bit further from the city center in the direction of the Oude Haven (Old harbor) there are many nice bars and pubs. Obviously the charm of the water close-by and avoiding the masses makes this a wonderful spot.

In the city centre like at the Hofplein it's about fast and flashy, but at a short distance you enter a more relaxed atmosphere.
If you really want to have a look at the bars and leave the lively nightlife behind, try the Nieuwe Binnenweg. In this area around among others the Coolhaven you encounter some other nice venues.

Obviously you can also visit concerts and live shows. These are usually found in concert venues like the Ahoy.

Hofplein Oude Haven Maasboulevard Nieuwe Binnenweg Concert venues

Rotterdam nightlife - Hofplein

The Hofplein (Court Square) tiself maybe sounds like a strange location to go clubbing, but circling this randabout you find various nightlife venues during your evening out in Rotterdam.

Club Villa Thalia

Nightlife at Club Villa Thalia in Rotterdam An enormous dance floor, balconies on the side and trendy music. Enjoy yourself on one of the 5 floors, each with its own classy and relaxed atmosphere. For the VIP rooms you do need to reserve beforehand, but then a complete night in luxury is [...] Continue reading about Club Villa Thalia.


Nightlife at Toffler in Rotterdam The divided areas in club Toffler (previously called Catwalk) make that you don't even feel like standing in a huge hall. Next to that the Toffler dj's make every Thursday, Friday and Saturday night into a great club experience. Video Toffler Continue reading about Toffler.

Rotterdam nightlife - Oude haven (Old harbour)

The fun thing about the Old Harbour in Rotterdam is, among others, the setting within which all the bars and pubs are situated. Explore the scenery and enjoy the joviality.


Nightlife in Pardoen in Rotterdam A simple bar at the harbour. Obviously with a nice and lively audience and a balcony inside to have a peak at the other guests. Next to the audience, there are also the live music and watching soccer matches that are plenty of reason to [...] Continue reading about Pardoen.


Nightlife at Stockholm in Rotterdam Looking for a hip and trendy lounge bar, then you'll feel right at home at Stockholm. The entire interior screams "Style". From the restaurant to the lounge bar it's innovative and exciting. Definitely with a DJ but without the loud noise. Also try out the [...] Continue reading about Stockholm.

Rotterdam nightlife - Maasboulevard

The Maasboulevard is another great location for a night out. In the middle of the city and next to the water, walk in at one of the bars nearby the waterfront.

Club Vie

Nightlife at Club Vie in Rotterdam Hiphop, house, 80s and 90s mixed every Friday for your pleasure. With 2 rooms and a separate smoking terrace. Situated at the Maas, Club Vie has a unique location and a diverse audience. Will we be seeing you at the wine and champagne bar? Also [...] Continue reading about Club Vie.


Nightlife at the Maassilo in Rotterdam At the Maas River we find one of the other popular clubs in Rotterdam, the Maassilo. Previously the location of Now & Wow there are many different dance parties organized. The room that's been made available after converting this corn silo into an event location [...] Continue reading about Maassilo.

Rotterdam nightlife - Nieuwe Binnenweg

At the heart of Rotterdam, so popular during a night out on the town. That’s the Nieuwe Binnenweg.

Club Vibes

Nightlife at Club Vibes in Rotterdam Directly at the beginning of the Nieuwe Binnenweg (seen from the city center) there's a must visit venue, Club Vibes. It has a party bar style and nice laid-back music and a pleasant atmosphere. There are regular them nights ranging from Karaoke to Back in [...] Continue reading about Club Vibes.

Dizzy Jazzcafe

Nightlife at Jazzcafé Dizzy in Rotterdam Obviously the name already says it. Three nights a week jazz music plays a central role at Dizzy. The live performances make it an excellent bar have a drink, relax and enjoy the music. In addition the DJ complements the live performances with funk and [...] Continue reading about Dizzy Jazzcafe.


Nightlife at Rotown in Rotterdam A podium for live music and a simple diner attached. That's Rotown. From jazz to pop and live bands, this is where you'll find quite a number of real Rotterdam people. If you like cosy without an overdone atmosphere, come visit this side of the [...] Continue reading about Rotown.

Rotterdam nightlife - Concert venues

With a large city as Rotterdam, you’re sure to find large events, concerts and performances. And what is more fun than a concert to spend the evening?


Ahoy in Rotterdam The Ahoy is the ultimate location for concerts, parties and fairs in Rotterdam. With no less than 6 event halls and thousands of square meters surface, you discover major events here every year. Who hasn't heard of the North Sea Jazz Festival, the ABN AMRO [...] Continue reading about Ahoy.

De Doelen

Visit De Doelen in Rotterdam For hundreds of events, from concerts to conferences, you can head over to De Doelen (The Goals) in Rotterdam. Also names like the International Film Festival Rotterdam and the annual Child Music Week appear on the calendar and with the location in the city center [...] Continue reading about De Doelen.