The Hague nightlife

Uitgaan in Den Haag

The lively nightlife in The Hague welcomes you to a fun night outBesides having a nice classic city center The Hague also has a lively nightlife. From bars to Irish pubs and nightclubs. The nightlife is largely concentrated around the Hofvijver (Court pond).

If you make a tour around the Hofvijver, starting at the Grote Markt, you'll be sure to have a good night! First stop from the Grote Markt is the Buitenhof where you stumble upon various bars and clubs.

Next you can decide to either go right towards the Plein or to the left to Noordeinde. The Plein guarantees various clubs and pubs. If you're more the bar type, be sure to head to Noordeinde.

In addition The Hague is situated near Scheveningen where a large number of beach clubs function as bars and nightclubs as well.

Grote Markt Buitenhof Plein Noordeinde Scheveningen Concert venues

The Hague nightlife - Grote Markt

The Grote Markt in The Hague is literally littered with bars and pubs and also the surrounding streets you’ll discover an engaging nightlife.

Next to the bars, this is also a popular area during major events like the PopHotSpot Festival.


Nightlife at the Boterwaag in The Hague The Boterwaag is a bar and restaurant situated in the former Waag (Weigh house). The design makes it a nice place to hang out with a larger group of people and to get a drink before a night on the town. Another reason to head [...] Continue reading about Boterwaag.

De Zwarte Ruiter

Nightlife at the Zwarte Ruiter in The Hague One of the popular bars on the Grote Markt is the de Zwarte Ruiter (Black Rider). Situated centrally at the Grote Markt, this rock bar is a fun location with a young crowd and often live music. The fact that the Zwarte Ruiter is an [...] Continue reading about De Zwarte Ruiter.

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The Hague nightlife - Buitenhof

With a view of the Binnenhof, the Buitenhof is a nice place to start your night out. And in case you’re looking for music and dance, you can easily walk into one of the side streets for a more dynamic nightlife.


Nightlife at Havana in The Hague At the Buitenhof the tropical salsa sounds emanate from cafe Havana. The location where salsa and other Latin music is played endlessly and which organizes workshops every Sunday as well. Thursday night is student night at Havana which means you can enjoy the lovely cocktails [...] Continue reading about Havana.

The Hague nightlife - Plein

Behind the Binnenhof in The Hague you find the Plein (the Square). Planning for a late night out? You’ll find all the necessary ingredients on and around the Plein.


Nightlife at Danzig in The Hague With a nice mix of the Hague inhabitants you'll have a good time at Danzig with its resident dj's who have learned what the crowd likes. Welcome to Crazy Fridays or any of the other theme parties. Discover for yourself why it got the Nightlife [...] Continue reading about Danzig.

De Tijd

Nightlife at De Tijd in The Hague During the week De Tijd (The Time) at the Plein is a Grand cafe where you can have a nice meal and drink. In the weekend the theme becomes "Let's dance!" which turns it into a dance bar. Opened till 3AM on Friday and Saturday, [...] Continue reading about De Tijd.

The Hague nightlife - Noordeinde

Among the Dutch the Noordeinde is probably most familiar for the palace and palace garden. However, also in the late hours there’s plenty to discover. Be sure to enjoy the jovial live music while you enjoy a tasty drink.


Nightlife O'Casey's The Hague O'Casey's is a cosy Irish pub not far from Noordeinde Palace with 2 floors and various live performances. Sport enthusiasts can enjoy matches at the various tv screens in the bar. And if you happen to be in the neighborhood on St. Patricks Day, be [...] Continue reading about O’Casey’s.
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The Hague nightlife - Scheveningen

The great thing about Scheveningen are obviously the beach and the sea, which get you in a holiday mood all by themselves. It’s this mood that also guarantees and fun night out in one (or more) of the many (beach)bars and pubs.

Crazy Pianos

Nightlife at Crazy Pianos in Scheveningen If you're looking for live entertainment in Scheveningen, peek inside Crazy Pianos. The piano keys will not be left untouched and the party mood is always present. The warm interior of the bar only adds to this, so come on over and request a tune. [...] Continue reading about Crazy Pianos.

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The Hague nightlife - Concert venues

Besides the bars and pubs you’ve already run into in the city centre of The Hague, there are also a number of concert venues to vist. Take for example the Paard van Troje and the Malieveld that regularly host great artists.

Paard van Troje

Paard van Troje in The Hague If you like dancing, make the 3 minute walk from the Grote Markt to the Paard van Troje (Trojan Horse). This concert and event venue is often the location for various cultural events and offers live music and dance parties. In addition the cultural section [...] Continue reading about Paard van Troje.

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