Grote Markt The Hague

The Grote Markt in The Hague is literally littered with bars and pubs and also the surrounding streets you’ll discover an engaging nightlife.

Next to the bars, this is also a popular area during major events like the PopHotSpot Festival.


Nightlife at the Boterwaag in The Hague The Boterwaag is a bar and restaurant situated in the former Waag (Weigh house). The design makes it a nice place to hang out with a larger group of people and to get a drink before a night on the town. Another reason to head [...] Continue reading about Boterwaag.

De Zwarte Ruiter

Nightlife at the Zwarte Ruiter in The Hague One of the popular bars on the Grote Markt is the de Zwarte Ruiter (Black Rider). Situated centrally at the Grote Markt, this rock bar is a fun location with a young crowd and often live music. The fact that the Zwarte Ruiter is an [...] Continue reading about De Zwarte Ruiter.

Club Seven

Nightlife at Club Seven in The Hague Just around the corner from the Grote Markt at the Prinsengracht, you pass Club Seven. With a theme party every Friday night and a lively atmosphere in the two lounges on Saturday as well, you'll have a good time! A fun night clubbing in a [...] Continue reading about Club Seven.


Nightlife at the Fiddler in The Hague A nice location to get a beer (or more) is the Fiddler close by the Grote Markt. It has the style of an English pub and a wide range of beers on tap. With its own in-house brewery it's definitely a unique venue to visit. [...] Continue reading about Fiddler.


Nightlife at the Paardcafe in The Hague Next to the Paard van Troje there is also the Paard Café for a relaxed start of your night on the town with resident dj's and various activities. One thing's for sure, the stage at the Paardcafe never stops welcoming new creative talents to jam [...] Continue reading about Paardcafe.