Scheveningen The Hague

The great thing about Scheveningen are obviously the beach and the sea, which get you in a holiday mood all by themselves. It’s this mood that also guarantees and fun night out in one (or more) of the many (beach)bars and pubs.

Crazy Pianos

Nightlife at Crazy Pianos in Scheveningen If you're looking for live entertainment in Scheveningen, peek inside Crazy Pianos. The piano keys will not be left untouched and the party mood is always present. The warm interior of the bar only adds to this, so come on over and request a tune. [...] Continue reading about Crazy Pianos.

BROOKLYN Burgers & Steaks

Nightlife at BROOKLYN Burgers & Steaks in Scheveningen For a nice night of club, house and R&B you're welcome in BROOKLYN Burgers & Steaks in Scheveningen. Regardless of the weather, it's the crowd that brings the atmosphere. During the week the finest burgers and then on Saturday night the dance floor is freed [...] Continue reading about BROOKLYN Burgers & Steaks.