Utrecht nightlife

Uitgaan in Utrecht

With its varied nightlife, Utrecht is a fun place to go outUtrecht is a city with a varied and lively nightlife if ever there was one. And it's this variation that makes it easy for everyone to find something to their liking. Ranging from hip and trendy clubs to cosy pubs, leave it up to Utrecht to entertain you!

Coming from the Central Station you walk into the city center within 5 minutes through the Moreelse Park and across the Mariaplaats. With Stairway to heaven in sight you can either go left to the Oudegracht or continue straight ahead.

If you decide to go left then the bars on the Neude, Stadhuisplein and the Janskerkhof await you right after the Oude Gracht. Walking through Utrecht you can get a taste for the nightlife in Utrecht.

If you continue straight ahead you end up at a different section of the Oude Gracht in the area of the Dom Tower where you´ll find a number of friendly bars at the Donkere Gaard. In reality there´s so much to do in Utrecht that it doesn´t matter that much!

Mariaplaats Oudegracht Neude Korte Minrebroederstraat Janskerkhof Donkere Gaard

Utrecht nightlife - Mariaplaats

It’s hard to miss when you walk into the city center from the Central Station and it’s easy to get to when you’re already there, Mariaplaats. Next to the bowling alley it’s also the location for a number great bars, so enjoy your night out!

Restaurant Se7en

Nightlife in Restaurant Se7en in Utrecht At the Mariaplaats you find restaurant Se7en. Affordable food in a stylish environment and a nice spot to start your night off with a drink. If the weather's nice, you can sit back on the terrace. And in case there are any soccer matches planned, [...] Continue reading about Restaurant Se7en.


Nightlife at Stairway in Utrecht The former rock bar Stairway to heaven today is known as Stairway and houses a hip dance and lounge club with regular salsa parties and workshops. Next to salsa, the weekend schedule contains anything from jungle to latin and 90's music. Anything that gets the [...] Continue reading about Stairway.

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Utrecht nightlife - Oudegracht

During the day it’s an ideal shopping area, by night a jovial area for a night out. With both on the waterside and on the road plenty of opportunities to sit down on one of the many terraces. Also it is a common place to go to enjoy the bigger and better parties.

Admittedly the Oudegracht is quite a lengthy canal and runs throughout the entire city center, so be sure to check the location on the specific bar pages.

Winkel van Sinkel

Nightlife at the Winkel van Sinkel in Utrecht This venue at the Oudegracht is really to big to just call a restaurant or a bar. The organization itself chose to call it a ´Cultural and culinary department store´. When it comes to the night schedule, this is called the Nachtwinkel (Night store). Frequent [...] Continue reading about Winkel van Sinkel.

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Utrecht nightlife - Neude

In the Netherlands Neude is one of the familiar streets on Monopoly but in addition it’s also a fun place to enjoy your night on the town. The terraces on the square and the variety of events make it a fun place to go and explore in the Utrecht nightlife.

Cafe de Luifel

Nightlife at Cafe de Luifel in Utrecht Whether you're looking to enjoy the terrace in the summer or in the winter, cafe de Luifel (the Canopy) offers both. It's one of many cozy bars at the Neude in Utrecht. The Neude is recommended as a whole when it comes to a night [...] Continue reading about Cafe de Luifel.

Student bar ‘t Neutje

Nightlife in cafe 't Neutje in Utrecht Close-by de Luifel you find the student bar 't Neutje. As with all things -student- you can get something to eat and drink for little money here. Hey, why not? It might not seem that big inside, but thanks to the various mirrors on the [...] Continue reading about Student bar ‘t Neutje.

Utrecht nightlife - Korte Minrebroederstraat

You’ll need to go the extra mile but then you’re sure to find it, the Korte Minrebroederstraat behind the City Hall. Here you find cafe De Zaak.

Cafe de Zaak

Nightlife at Cafe de Zaak in Utrecht At the Stadhuisplein the cafe de Zaak (the Business) is one of the popular bars among students. You can walk in any time of the evening for a drink and a chat with friends. When it comes to dancing, it's probably wiser to do that [...] Continue reading about Cafe de Zaak.

Utrecht nightlife - Janskerkhof

Janskerkhof definitely belongs to the list of night life areas you want to visit. Slightly more quite than the Neude, but a great place for a night out.

Zussen Lobby Restaurant

Nightlife at Zussen Lobby Restaurant in Utrecht Especially recommended for its trendy interior and the cozy atmosphere on Friday and Saturday evening is Zussen (Sisters) Lobby Restaurant. Literally the little sister of Broers (Brothers) around the corner, Zussen is found at the Korte Jansstraat and is very popular among the Utrecht crowd. [...] Continue reading about Zussen Lobby Restaurant.

Utrecht nightlife - Donkere Gaard

Approaching from the Dom Tower, you walk via the Lichte Gaard straight into the Donkere gaar with a nice variety of bars and pubs.

‘t Heen en Weer

Nightlife at ‘t Heen en Weer in Utrecht On this piece of the Oudegracht nearby the Dom, you find ‘t Heen en Weer (the Back and Forth) with a considerable terrace near the water so ideal for a summer day. A compliment often heard for 't Heen en Weer is that there's less [...] Continue reading about ‘t Heen en Weer.

Cafe Orloff

Nightlife at Cafe Orloff in Utrecht Nicely centrally located and a great place to simply look at the many people passing by is the terrace of Cafe Orloff. They say it has the best coffee in Utrecht. All these positive news unfortunately also leads to it potentially being crowded in the [...] Continue reading about Cafe Orloff.

De Vingerhoed

Nightlife at De Vingerhoed in Utrecht When you're in the neighbourhood of the Donkere Gaard, be sure to pass by dining bar De Vingerhoed (The Thimble) as it's a cozy brown cafe at night. Not so much a place for wild parties, but definitely a nice pub where the atmosphere and [...] Continue reading about De Vingerhoed.