Mariaplaats Utrecht

It’s hard to miss when you walk into the city center from the Central Station and it’s easy to get to when you’re already there, Mariaplaats. Next to the bowling alley it’s also the location for a number great bars, so enjoy your night out!

Restaurant Se7en

Nightlife in Restaurant Se7en in Utrecht At the Mariaplaats you find restaurant Se7en. Affordable food in a stylish environment and a nice spot to start your night off with a drink. If the weather's nice, you can sit back on the terrace. And in case there are any soccer matches planned, [...] Continue reading about Restaurant Se7en.


Nightlife at Stairway in Utrecht The former rock bar Stairway to heaven today is known as Stairway and houses a hip dance and lounge club with regular salsa parties and workshops. Next to salsa, the weekend schedule contains anything from jungle to latin and 90's music. Anything that gets the [...] Continue reading about Stairway.

Cafe van Velsen

Nightlife at Cafe van Velsen in Utrecht Just a nice and cozy brown cafe where you'll feel at home quickly while you catch up with friends and having a drink. That's Cafe van Velsen. Next to the nice atmosphere, you'll run into performances by hip DJs regularly and the staff tries hard [...] Continue reading about Cafe van Velsen.


Nightlife at Jozef in Utrecht Formerly Grand cafe Maria is nowadays called Jozef! After a thorough redecoration and the introduction of a completely new concept, you're welcome here for anything from breakfast to a cup of coffee, lunch to dinner. Next to that, Jozef transforms to a relaxed hangout in [...] Continue reading about Jozef.