Oudegracht Utrecht

During the day it’s an ideal shopping area, by night a jovial area for a night out. With both on the waterside and on the road plenty of opportunities to sit down on one of the many terraces. Also it is a common place to go to enjoy the bigger and better parties.

Admittedly the Oudegracht is quite a lengthy canal and runs throughout the entire city center, so be sure to check the location on the specific bar pages.

Winkel van Sinkel

Nightlife at the Winkel van Sinkel in Utrecht This venue at the Oudegracht is really to big to just call a restaurant or a bar. The organization itself chose to call it a ´Cultural and culinary department store´. When it comes to the night schedule, this is called the Nachtwinkel (Night store). Frequent [...] Continue reading about Winkel van Sinkel.

Cafe Jan De Winter

Nightlife at Cafe Jan De Winter in Utrecht A popular bar among students and well known among many inhabitants of Utrecht, that's cafe Jan De Winter. And that they enjoy it becomes clear from the many students that keep coming back even long after they're done studying. In short, a nice dark bark [...] Continue reading about Cafe Jan De Winter.

Quignon Kitchen and Bar

Nightlife at Quignon Kitchen & Bar in Utrecht From dance to lounge parties and every Thursday a nice glass of cava wine is what you find in Quignon Kitchen & Bar at the Oudegracht in Utrecht. If you enjoy hip and dark nightlife venues, where you can still have a seat, this is [...] Continue reading about Quignon Kitchen and Bar.