Opening hours

Openingstijden in Nederland

To make sure you don't end up in front of a closed door, check in advance what the opening hours are of the museum or shopping mall that you plan on going.

Below you find the opening and closing hours of stores and museums ordered by city to simply check the opening hours at the destination of your shopping trip! Have fun shopping and sightseeing!

Opening hours - Amsterdam

Dutch version

During a visit to Amsterdam city center it’s good to know the opening hours of stores and museums to make sure you make the most out of your trip. From the Rijksmuseum to the Albert Cuyp market you find below.
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Opening hours - Den Bosch

Openingstijden Den Bosch

Find out here what the opening hours in Den Bosch are. You wouldn’t want to be standing in front of a closed door during your visit of one of the museums or while shopping in Den Bosch?
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Opening hours - Eindhoven

Openingstijden Eindhoven

Whether you’re visiting to simply strole around the market in Eindhoven or to explore the DAF Museum, it’s good to know what time you’re welcome.
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Opening hours - Groningen

Openingstijden Groningen

Did you know that Thursday night is shopping night in Groningen? This and more, like what time you can walk into the Ikea and other shops in Groningen, you find below.
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Opening hours - Maastricht

Openingstijden Maastricht

Of course the Vrijthof is always accessible, but it’s still good to know until what time the surrounding shops in Maastricht will be open.
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Opening hours - Rotterdam

Openingstijden Rotterdam

From the Boijmans Museum to the Woonboulevard Alexandrium in Rotterdam are definitely worth a visit. Make sure you don’t end up in front of a closed door.
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Opening hours - Utrecht

Openingstijden Utrecht

Visiting the Railway Museum with the kids or out for a day of shopping in the city centre of Utrecht, here you find all opening hours for a well prepared day out in the Dom City.
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Opening hours - The Hague

Openingstijden Den Haag

What time Escher in the Palace and the Megastores in The Hague open, you find right here. Perfectly prepared for a day of cultural activities or shopping in the city behind the dunes.

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