Shops in the Netherlands

Winkelen in Nederland

While shopping in the Netherlands nobody will be bored. From luxurious malls to discount stores.

Click on of the links below to read more about shopping in the largest Dutch cities.

From shopping during a weekend trip to Maastricht to shopping night in Groningen.

Shops in the Netherlands - Shopping streets and stores


The number of tourists that visit Amsterdam for a day of shopping is a good indicator that Amsterdam has something to offer for every taste.

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Den Bosch

Den Bosch has seen quite an increase in the number of bars and restaurants over the past years, so you won’t have any trouble finding a place to relax while shopping.

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There’s no end to the nice shops and shopping streets in Eindhoven. Even when the weather is less than expected. You just walk into one of the many shopping malls.

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One of the things for which shopping in Groningen is recommended is the various markets in the city centre.

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Maastricht is immensely popular among shoppers for various reasons. One is definitely the broad range of shops spread across the numerous shopping streets in the city centre.

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Shopping in Rotterdam is a pleasant way of exploring the city centre at the same time. The most interesting shops are found at the Lijnbaan and the Koopgoot (Shopping Gutter).

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The Hague

Most of the shop in The Hague are logically found in the city centre. From large shopping malls down to unique little stores turn your shopping trip into a fun adventure.

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The city center of Utrecht has plenty to offer when it comes to shopping. Besides the many stores, the canals complete the streetview with welcoming terraces and bridges.

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