Den Bosch shops

Winkelen in Den Bosch

Markt shops in Den BoschDen Bosch has seen quite an increase in the number of bars and restaurants over the past years, so you won’t have any trouble finding a place to relax while shopping. The fun thing about shopping in Den Bosch is that there are many small shops with unique products next to the large chain stores.

In the small streets you’ll definitely find what you’re looking for. Or at least what you weren’t expecting!

Coming from the Station you walk via the Stationsweg and next the Visstraat into the city center and will see the first terraces appearing left and right. Once you arrive at the Steenweg, you walk straight on to the Markt where next the Hinthamerstraat and Marktstraat offer even more worthwhile stores!

Hooge Steenweg Markt Hinthamerstraat Marktstraat Vughterstraat

Den Bosch shops - Hooge Steenweg shops

Shops in the Hooge Steenweg in Den BoschIf you prefer the main streets. When coming from the station in Den Bosch you pass the Visstraat and if you keep on walking you end up at the Hooge Steenweg. This wide shopping street has all the familiar stores like Foot Locker, The Sting etc. It also leads you straight to the Markt Square.

Men at Work
Jeans Centre
WE Store

Den Bosch shops - Markt shops

Markt shops in Den BoschThe Markt in Den Bosch will definitely get you into the shopping mood. Besides the weekly market on Wednesday, Friday and Saturday, the available shops at this central point in the city are considerable.

Shops include:
The Phone House
Lady Sting

Den Bosch shops - Hinthamerstraat shops

Continuing your route across the Markt square, you arrive at the Hinthamerstraat where you encounter a variety of shops for the first few hundreds of meters. Once the pedestrian area stops, also the stores are largely over.

Great to walk through if you’re looking for stores like:
Go Britain

Den Bosch shops - Marktstraat shops

Shops at the Markstraat and Arena in Den BoschWalking from the Markt into the Markstraat, the variety of stores is also quite impressive. All the more as you’ll encounter the shopping center Arena at the end of the street.

Useful to remember if you’re looking for brand products. You’ll find stores like:
Tommy Hilfiger
Sissy Boy
Bjorn Borg
Jack & Jones
La Place