Eindhoven shops

Winkelen in Eindhoven

Shops at the Heuvel Galerie in EindhovenThere's no end to the nice shops and shopping streets in Eindhoven. Even when the weather is less than expected. You just walk into one of the many shopping malls

Taking a right turn at the Central Station of Den Bosch and making a circle through the city centre, you come across Piazza Center, De Admirant, De Bergen and the Heuvel Galerie.

Spread across the city centre, Eindhoven has something to offer for every type of shopper and every taste in shopping.

Piazza Center De Admirant De Bergen Markt Heuvel Galerie

Eindhoven shops - Piazza center shops

Shops at the Piazza Center in EindhovenRight after walking out of the Central Station you walk past the Bijnkorf and see the Piazza Center. This modern and stylish shopping mall has at least 4 floors and offers a full afternoon of great shopping.

Shops ranging from accessory shops to men´s fashion and women´s fashion to food and drinks make your shopping experience complete.

A sample of the shops that the Piazza Center has to offer (see their Store locator for more):
Ici Paris XL

Eindhoven shops - De Admirant shops

Shops at De Admirant in EindhovenAnd just in case you didn´t succeed at your quest in Piazza Center. Or maybe you´re just looking for more nice stores. Then there´s always the Admirant close-by walking outside of Piazza Center to the right. The futuristic building on your route is the Blob that currently houses a shopping store.

The area of the Admirant covers quite a number of stores like, among others:.
The Sting

Eindhoven shops - De Bergen shops

Shops in De Bergen in EindhovenTo complete the circle towards the market you continue on the Emmasingel where Se Admirant is situated up until the Claus Square. This is where you get the are De Bergen which, besides having an active nightlife, offers many nice stores.

The nice things about this shopping area are the many small stores instead of the large shopping chains. From comic book store to jewellery shops and galleries (see the area map).

The shopping streets in the area are numerous. For instance the Kleine Berg (Small Hill), de Bergstraat (Hillstreet) and the Grote Berg (Large Hill). In addition to nice little shops there are nice restaurants and bars to relax once you’re done shopping or just on a break.

Eindhoven shops - Markt & surrounding shops

Shops at the Rechtestraat in EindhovenBut wait! The shopping tour isn’t over yet. Also moving towards the market there is plenty to be seen (and shopped). Obviously the Market itself is an excellent location for shopping during the City of Light market every Saturday. But the many sidestreets have something nice to offer as well.

Coming from De Bergen you walk straight into the Hooghuisstraat towards the Market. Here you can walk inside one of the more exclusive clothing stores. Ranging from Jaguar Fashion to Alberto Bellini the shops are nice to visit even if it’s just to get a taste of the atmosphere.

Continue towards the Demer which extends into the Rechtestraat. Here you find less exclusive but equally nice stores. Some for household articles like Blokker, Etos and Dixons but also Jack & Jones and the Levi’s Store are found here.

Directly from the Market you walk into the Hermanus Boexstraat. Another great shopping streets for shoes, jeans and other clothing. Think of stores like Tango Shoes, Jeans Wear and America Today. Nice for your return to the Central Station (do read the Heuvel Gallery bit below before you get on the next train).

Eindhoven shops - Heuvel Galerie shops

Shops at the Heuvel Galerie in EindhovenFrom the corner of the Market with the Hermanus Boexstraat till the Catharinaplein you can take comfortably (covered) stroll through the Heuvel Gallery with dozens of nice shops on different floors. Also you can enjoy one of the terraces for a quick bite to eat.

As it’s not feasible to name all the stores in the Heuvel Gallery, here’s a sample of what to expect.
The Body Shop
Holland & Barrett

An the list goes on! It’s not without reason that the Heuvel Gallery is called the beating shopping heart of the city (Dutch site).