Groningen shops

Winkelen in Groningen

Shops Grote Kromme Elleboog in GroningenOne of the things for which shopping in Groningen is recommended is the various markets in the city centre.

From Tuesday till Thursday markets are found at various locations in Groningen

Either the market at the Grote Markt (Great Market) or the one at the Vismarkt (Fish Market) offers anything you might be looking for. On Wednesday the Vismarkt has biological articles for sale, the rest of the days the product offer varied.

Herestraat Grote Markt A-Kerkhof Zwanestraat Folkingestraat

Groningen shops - Herestraat shops

Shops at the Herestraat in GroningenBy far the shopping street that is known for its extensive offering. Not that weird as it used to be the most visited shopping street in 2011.

You’ll encounter all the well known chains here and can easily go from one store to the next during your shopping trip.


Groningen shops - Grote Markt | Waagplein shops

Shops at the Grote Markt in GroningenOnce you’ve passed the extensive offering of the Herestraat, you finally arive at the Grote Markt. With the Martinitoren towering over the square, you can enjoy a nice cup of coffee at one of the many bars and pubs.

Tuesday and Thursday through Saturday there is also the market which offers anything from food products to clothing. Behind the City Hall you find the Waagplein which also houses numerous stores like:

Groningen shops - Vismarkt | A-Kerkhof shops

Shops at the Vismarkt in GroningenIf you go left from City Hall, you walk between both markets to the Vismarkt and A-Kerkhof.

Besides the weekly fish market on Wednesday, you also find stores like:
Tommy Hilfiger

Groningen shops - Zwanestraat | Grote Kromme Elleboog shops

Shops Grote Kromme Elleboog in GroningenIf you go left on the Grote Markt behind the City Hall (parallel to the Vismarkt), you arrive at the Zwanestraat which turns into the Grote Kromme Elleboog as you continue.

Here you find unique little shops like:
in petto
Bubble’s kinderkleding
Pure Essentials

Groningen shops - Folkingestraat shops

Shops at the Folkingestraat in GroningenBoth from the Zwanestraat and from the Vismarkt you can complete your shopping circle by taking the turn to the Folkingestraat.

In Groningen the Folkingestraat known for the many and varied shops selling art and ateliers like:
Klinkhamer Antiek
Via Alta
Het Binnenste Buiten

Be sure to visit the nicest store store of the Netherlands (2011), delicacy shop Ariola.