Maastricht shops

Winkelen in Maastricht

Shops in the Maastrichter Brugstraat in MaastrichtMaastricht is immensely popular among shoppers for various reasons. One is definitely the broad range of shops spread across the numerous shopping streets in the city centre.

Surrounded by 1450 protected monuments you walk from the Maastricht Central Station towards the centre. Accompanied by many tourists from Belgium, Germany and France you'll soon be immersed by the shopping experience that is Maastricht.

Even before crossing the river over the river Maas, the antique stores and exclusive stores greet you from the inviting Rechtstraat.

Wycker Brugstraat Rechtstraat Stokstraat Maastrichter Brugstraat Grote Straat Wolfstraat

Maastricht shops - Wycker Brugstraat shops

Wycker Brugstraat shops in MaastrichtDirectly from the train station in Maastricht you walk onto the Wycker Brugstraat, a large and wide street that runs all the way up to the St. Servatius Bridge and is sure to get you in a shopping mood.

Varying from coffee stores to delicacy shops and a number of clothing and accessory stores like:
Stash Clothing
Simon Levelt
Jewels 4 You
Christine le Duc

Maastricht shops - Stokstraat shops

Shops in the Stokstraat in MaastrichtFor the exclusive stores you take a left turn after crossing the St. Servatius Bridge just before the Maastrichter Burgstraat onto the Stokstraat.

And like the award “Best city of the Netherlands in 2005” suggests, there’s a nice terrace at every corner of the street to relax and enjoy the view of the river.

Het Juwelenhuisje
Galerie Amarna

Maastricht shops - Maastrichter Brugstraat shops

Shops in the Maastrichter Brugstraat in MaastrichtIf you walk straight on after the St. Servatius Bridge, u literally walk into the heart of the shopping center of Maastricht via the Maastrichter Brugstraat.

A shopping street that is almost littered with brand stores like:
Hugo Boss Store
Van Lier

Maastricht shops - Kleine straat | Grote Straat | Muntstraat shops

Shops at the Grote and Kleine straat in MaastrichtAt the end of the Maastrichter Brugstraat you can either go right in the Kleine straat that turns into the Grote straat up until the Vrijthof and into the Muntstraat in the direction of the Marktplein.

For a crowd that is eager to shop these streets provide a great variety of shops like:

Cool Cat
Holland & Barret

Maastricht shops - Wolfstraat shops

Shops at the Wolfstraat in MaastrichtIf you go left after the the Maastrichter Burgstraat, you walk directly into the Wolfstraat for everything ranging from clothing to accessory stores. To name a few:
Imago Mode