Utrecht shops

Winkelen in Utrecht

Lijnmarkt | Choorstraat shops in UtrechtOnce you've exited the Station, the city center of Utrecht has plenty to offer when it comes to shopping. Besides the many stores, the atmosphere is always jovial and the canals complete the streetview with welcoming terraces and bridges.

It obviously helps that the old city center of Utrecht is free of cars, which makes it so much easier to casually stroll around.

Start your shopping trip at the extensive Hoog Catharijne, after which you continue towards the Lange Elizabethstraat. For stylish shopping you proceed on the Lijnmarkt. Towards the Oudegracht you'll notice the larger chain stores appearing, so no worries about not having anywhere to go.

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Utrecht shops - Hoog Catharijne shops

Hoog Catharijne shops in UtrechtEverybody who has ever travelled to Utrecht by train, knows the shopping mall as it’s an extension of the Central Station of Utrecht.

The many stores in the shopping mall vary from toy stores to clothing shops, electronics outlets to leisure shops and many more. To name a few:
The Body Shop

Utrecht shops - Lange Elizabethstraat | Steenweg shops

Shops Steenweg UtrechtWalking out of Hoog Catharijne, you arrive at the square Vredenburg where you find a weekly market on Wednesday, Friday and Saturday.

If you walk straight on across the market and next take a right turn, you end up in the Lange Elizabeth street that runs over in the Steenweg.

Basically half a kilometer of non-stop stores are at your disposal here. Here’s a few of the stores to expect:

Fossil Store
Pro 030
Dr. Adams

Utrecht shops - Lijnmarkt | Choorstraat shops

Lijnmarkt | Choorstraat shops in UtrechtAt the end of the Steenweg you can either go right towards the Lijnmarkt or left into the Choorstraat in the direction of Oudegracht and the City Hall.

The Lijnmarkt has a very nice atmosphere and offers various clothing and life style shops. Many of the stores you can actually see through to the other side where the Oudegracht runs:
Noa Noa
Van den Heiligenberg

Also on the Choorstraat there’s some nice shopping to be done. Among others you’ll run into the below stores:
L’occitane en Provence
Van Dalen

Utrecht shops - Oudkerkhof shops

Shops Oudkerkhof in UtrechtWalking past the City Hall and crossing the Stadhuisbrug, you take a right turn to Oudkerkhof. Oudkerkhof is where you find the high end brand stores.

Just to name a few, you’ll find:

Mc Gregor


Utrecht shops - Oudegracht shops

Shops at the Oudegracht in UtrechtProbably the most popular place to go shopping in Utrecht is the Oudegracht. Surrounded by terraces and, on Saturday, the flower market, it’s a lively area to hang out.

It’s no surprise that at such a location you’ll have a great variety of shops at your disposal during your shopping trips. Among others:
The Sting

Utrecht shops - Lange Viestraat shops

Lange Viestraat shops in UtrechtTo complete the circle during your shopping trip in the city center of Utrehct, you turn left at the Lange Viestraat.

This busy street is riddled with chain stores and in the end brings you back to the Vredenburg square. Stores you’ll find here are, among others:

Ici Paris XL

Utrecht shops - Other shops

Besides the city center of Utrecht there’s actually more to discover when it comes to shopping. Like for example the Utrechtse Bazaar.

Utrechtse Bazaar

Come shopping at the Utrechtse Bazaar in Utrecht For already more than 30 years the Utrechtse Bazaar (Bazaar of Utrecht) is organized in the heart of the Netherlands. This large indoor market is opened every Saturday and Sunday. What you'll find there? Over hundreds of stalls where you can literally by anything at [...] Continue reading about Utrechtse Bazaar.